DL A3: Concept 2 – 2nd draft


After receiving feedback from Ellen, I have come to my second iteration of this concept.

I have streamlined the concept to focus in on community (double) standards on social media, particularly with regards to issues of gender equality.

I replaced Rihanna with a cropped portrait of Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, a symbol of western classical beauty.

I’ve layered some ‘edits’ (mute button and a male nipple) over the classical painting to better adhere to the ‘community standards’ of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and topped it off with a caption “#NotAllMen”, alluding to the popular line toted by online Meninists. I’ve outlined the edits in red to highlight them against the desaturated background, and symbolise the correcting nature of their application.

I’ve renamed the Instagram account ‘CommunityStandards’ for clarification of who it is that is enforcing these edits.

I’ve kept in Rihanna’s profile picture in the top left corner, as a subtle allusion to her particular battle with being banned from Instagram as a result of baring her female nipples.

I’ve kept the instagram frame, with the hundreds of thousands of followers and likes, because despite the negative comment this image seeks to make against the social media platforms (and their censorship enforcement), the platforms also perform an important function in creating a vehicle for expression for those that disagree and seek to build awareness of these gender issues.


One thought on “DL A3: Concept 2 – 2nd draft

  1. I love the concept Gwen. Highlighting the edits in a red border against the desaturated background really highlights the concept you’re trying to portray, although maybe if the background image were a bit darker, for contrast, it would create greater affect and appeal for the audience. As well as this, perhaps if you make the mute image a little smaller and angle the edit slightly to the left as if it was properly covering her mouth as her head is slightly angled, it would look more synced, rather than covering up half the face and neck area. Other than that, great image and concept!


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