DL A3: Concept 3 – 3rd draft


I have edited the green coca cola sign to read ‘augmented’ life, to try make the concept clearer. It’s a very busy image, but I think that’s the point. The bombardment of advertising when compounded with augmented reality results in an overwhelming amount of  visual stimulation.


One thought on “DL A3: Concept 3 – 3rd draft

  1. This is still a very busy image and the concept does not clearly stand out. I think if you left everything black and white except the advertising boxes with the information, this would more effectively convey the message. There is too much going on, and you cannot distinguish a focal point.

    This also goes for the Coke Signs. I think the fact that you have said ‘Welcome’ and ‘Augmented Life’, I think it would benefit from the inclusion of interjections such as ‘to the’ or ‘into the’. It would read like ‘Welcome to the Augmented life’. These should be subtle advertisements, and not the focus, this can more effectively communicate your concept.


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